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Alissa R Spears

Health & Fitness

*For over 18 only

Weight Loss - Tone Up - Healthy Mom Lifestyle - Weight Loss - Tone Up - Healthy Mom Lifestyle - Weight Loss - Tone Up - Healthy Mom Lifestyle - Weight Loss - Tone Up - Healthy Mom Lifestyle -

About Me

Meet the coach

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Alissa Spears

I started online coaching because I love how I am able to reach women across the globe. We need each other!

As a working mom, I understand deadlines, mom guilt, overwhelm, and the pressure we put on ourselves to do it all. We aren’t actually supposed to be tired all the time. Working out needs to be convenient and efficient so we can boost our energy, confidence and overall health! That’s why I want to work with you.


You deserve to feel the best you ever have and be able to keep up with the daily demands of your life! Raising a family takes a village and often times the mom gets left out.

My goal is to become part of your village to be the one remind you to take care of YOU with some great workouts and meals!

Online Coaching

coaching app

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You can track anytime and anywhere thanks to our regular check ins on the app! This will help me adjust things along the way and cater to your needs to reach your goals in a healthy and sustainable way.




I am here for you every step of the way! I will answer all of your questions and provide tips and motivation as often as you need! You will not do this alone.

Meal Plan

A tailormade mealplan to meet your wants and needs to work with your goals and your body for the results you deserve.



Workout Plan

An efficient, powerful, and flexible workout plan to help you reach your goals and fit into your busy life.

Get to know me

My values

I believe that fitness can be done anywhere and as long as the process is fun and enjoyable, it will always be doable! My mission in life is to keep doing things that make me smile and help others find that same joy in their every day lives! I have a unique take on this industry as it’s been the foundation of my education and career experience.

Things became very personal when I had to take part in my own weight loss journey after the births of both my children where I learned the role that hormones can play in our health. I am a proud c-section mama who also suffers from PCOS and Hypothyroidism so I understand that our bodies go through a lot and the way we eat and move can be very therapeutic.

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Cutout image of coach Alissa in her workout clothes posing

What to expect

I will offer my clients a monthly workout and meal plan. I also provide you with an app to track your progress with regular check ins! We will be in direct contact so you can reach your goals and break through mental hurdles and physical barriers. My clients life will be better with me as I will provide you with the tools you need to finally feel good and put your best self forward for you and your family!



We have one life, let’s make it a happy one!